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NSN Storyteller Profile ... Papa Joe Gaudet

Papa Joe

The Forests, NH 03833

(603) 770-6916


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Spanning four decades, Papa Joe's Traveling Storytelling Show has
engaged over 6,000 audiences. This New England storyteller performs
at concerts, libraries, museums, fairs, schools, clubs, and anywhere
there is a need for the ancient art of storytelling. Papa Joe has
captured family audiences from Cow Head, Newfoundland to Austin, Texas
with interactive Folk Tales.

Papa Joe is one of America's Master Storytellers; performing programs,
workshops, and residencies for storytelling, writing, and
communication. Author of “New Pots from Old” - a Recycling Tale
1991, plus dozens more. Sharing his stories, traveling United
States of America, Canada, & Europe appearing on television and Radio
Stations around the world.

Step into a Story is a program developed by Papa Joe and is now being
used by tellers around the world. More than just helping to tell, it
encourages the audience to participate in the sharing of a story. By
challenging their minds and inspiring creativity, he takes the
children by the hand to help them find their voice within. Unlike TV
or even stage performances, Papa Joe interacts with the audience to
create a unique program that they all cherish. No one gets left out
or left behind.

Anyone who can keep 225 students focused for the last hour before Christmas Break has to be excellent. Papa Joe's performance kept the students enthralled and enthusiastic.
~ Corinee Cascadden, Principal, Berlin, NH

What makes Papa Joe so special? His love of good stories? His
passion for telling? His devotion to his audiences? How the children
adore his show? Yes, yes and more. It's the rapport between the
artist the listeners. It's the connections built by the group.
It's the real person talking with each child.

I can understand why travelling shows were so popular in the past.
Even with all the technology we have to entertain us today, there is
nothing so special as live performance. Papa Joe combines this
“magic” with audience participation fun to leave us all with a happy
heart a smile on our faces.
~ Deborah Chevalier, director/teacher Play & Learn, Plaistow, NH

I'm sitting here remembering how it feels to be in your audience. Letting those words & images flow over & around & through to the rhythm of your refrain with the green grass all around. Pretty special every time we are blessed with a visit from you. You are wonderful fun & I so do appreciate your stories shared this time & all the times before.
~ Anne Mundy, Bangor Public Library Bangor, ME

I was so glad to see that you became a part of the whole festival. Your presence at the Art show was lovely to see! We'll be in touch.
~ Mary Laury, Schoodic Arts Festival, ME

Papa Joe knows how to reach young people by his caring & calmness. He touched the life of our young with his story & person. My older students asked to have him back.
~ Sister Jackie, Principal, Derry, NH

Types of stories I tell:

Interactive Folktales

I tell stories for:

All Ages

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Organizations I belong to:

Seacoast Storyteller Guild Member ~ 1987 – Present; LANES - The League for the Advancement of New England Storytelling Member ~ 1988 – Present, StF Committee, Board, StF StorySwap Chair; Stories For World Change Network Member, Contributor ~ 1989 – 2004; The New Hampshire Storytelling Alliance Board Member 2014 – Present; National Storytelling Network Member ~ 1989 – Present; STORYTELL Listserve Member ~ 1994 – Present