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NSN Storyteller Profile ... Jackson Gillman

"Stand-Up Chameleon" Jackson Gillman

PO Box 41
Onset, MA 02558

(508) 295-0886


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Jackson's background in mime, dance and sign language is apparent in much of his work. He has been featured at festivals across the country, including the National four times, and has thrice been Teller-in-Residence at the International Storytelling Center. Since 1981, he has presented workshops annually at the New England Storytelling Conference, rotating 8 different ones. Jackson had his Off-Broadway debut with his Kipling show at the United Solo Theatre Festival in 2014. Of the 130 shows from around the world, it received the Best Educational award. Semiannually since 2000, he has been portraying Kipling-in-Residence at the author's historic VT home. He also presents his "Springboards for Stories" workshop there every winter. His workshops are exportable and adjustable to any time frame. "Storyscaping" has been very helpful to other tellers and he has been tapped by many colleagues for private coaching, particularly for his keen use of space and movement. "Jackson helped me find the rhythms that sustained my piece through voice and movement. He's that rare coach - a generous artist who nurtures the unique art of others." - Jo Radner

Song, dance, mime and/or sign language might be incorporated into his storytelling - whatever works best to do a story justice and bring it to life. Sometimes, that calls for a simple, sedentary telling which Jackson does very naturally with an underlying foundation of beneficence, hope and spirit infusing all his work. "Shining through Jackson's wit and extraordinary versatility is his bemused, warm-hearted honesty in his perceptions of life, astute and askew. Jackson's humor evolves from finding that which is funny in human beings trying to be human and often tripping over themselves in the attempt... a zany kind of comic mutant." - Maine Public Broadcasting. "Jackson is a masterly storyteller. His only prop is the space which he uses with a painter's appreciation for visual composition." - Christian Science Monitor. "...one could never err in selecting Jackson. He's incredible!" - Missouri River Storytelling Festival.

Types of stories I tell:

Environment/Nature/Wildlife, Humor, Seasonal concerts, Sea, Gardening, Health/Nutrition, Substance Abuse, Kipling, Fathering/Family, Love, Jewish, Spiritual, Song, Ballads, Dance, Sign Language...

I tell stories for:

All Ages

I provide workshops:


I am willing to travel:


My travel requirements:

Have stories, will travel - far and wide. For a couple days of work, I'll pretty much go anywhere. Easy-going, negotiable, and don't mind being worked hard once I'm there.

School Districts I am cleared to work in:

I've worked in schools throughout the country with nary a problem.

I am willing to mentor:


Organizations I belong to:

NSN, LANES, MOOSE, The Children's Music Network, The People's Music Network, and many environmental organizations.