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NSN Storyteller Profile ... Nora J Heaton

Fort Collins, CO 

(970) 669-6321


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Nora J Heaton is a story performer and educator who infuses folk tales, fables, tall tales, myths, and legends from around the world with character voices, songs, rhythms and a variety of musical instruments. Her energy and enthusiasm inspire and enrich the lives of people of all ages. Her stories teach and encourage, speak to the heart, pass along tradition, develop multicultural awareness, entertain and make a difference. Please contact me at norajh84@gmail.com for further information. I am eager to assemble a program that meets your needs.

Also as the co-founder of Spellbinders Oral Storytellers, Larimer County, she teaches the art of oral story telling to interested people of all ages who then volunteer their time to tell oral stories once a month in the local schools. See www.spellbinders.org for even more information.

Types of stories I tell:

Stories that entertain and connect humanity: folk tales, fables, myths, legends, Native American and other tales from around the world that help develop multicultural awareness and make a difference.

I tell stories for:

All Ages

I provide workshops:


I am willing to travel:


My travel requirements:

Please contact me at norajh84@gmail.com for further details.

School Districts I am cleared to work in:

Larimer County, Weld County

I am willing to mentor:


Organizations I belong to:

Northern Colorado Storytellers, National Storytelling Network, Rocky Mountain Storytellers, Spellbinders Oral Storytellers of Larimer County