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NSN Storyteller Profile ... Mary Hamilton

65 Springhill Road
Frankfort, KY 40601

(502) 223-4523


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Mary grew up on a Kentucky farm where telling stories was considered more of a moral failing than a potential career. For years, she confessed her sin and tried to stop. Fortunately she failed. Since 1983, Mary has earned her living telling stories...creating worlds.

When Mary takes the stage, the show unfolds in the hearts and minds of the audience. In her straightforward, "just talking" style, Mary uses her voice and body to tell stories. Her audiences watch, listen, imagine and create worlds.

Young children enjoy chanting and singing along as Mary tells them stories brimming with fun joining in opportunities. Family audiences laugh together, sigh together, and exchange knowing glances as Mary entertains them with a variety of tales. Students learn while they listen in school programs. Adults enjoy a refreshing, entertaining break from the everyday world when Mary tells them stories ranging from surprisingly adult fairy tales to original fiction to the intriguing truth.

Mary says, "My real work is exercising and strengthening imaginations through storytelling performances, recordings, and workshops. After all, without imagination humans cannot plan, hope, dream, invent, feel empathy, set goals or solve problems."

Visit my website: www.maryhamilton.info and learn more about the many ways we can work together. You'll be able to read workshop and residency descriptions, listen to story excerpts, learn details on "Around the World with Cinderella" (a multicultural Cinderella celebration) "Sailing the Flying Ship" (a conference keynote), "Children of Richard, Rhoda, and God" (a one-woman show), "Buggy KY" (insect facts and tales), and more.

Let's work together to serve your audience.

Types of stories I tell:

Kentucky lore, haunting tales, world folktales, myths, true stories, audience participation, multicultural Cinderella, autobiography + oral history, Buggy KY (insects + stories), conference keynote.

I tell stories for:

All Ages

I provide workshops:


I am willing to travel:


My travel requirements:

Please inquire for details.

School Districts I am cleared to work in:

All. The Kentucky Arts Council requires background checks for all artists in their Teaching Artist Directory,and I'm listed in that directory.

I am willing to mentor:

Organizations I belong to:

National Storytelling Network, Kentucky Storytelling Association