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NSN Storyteller Profile ... Bobbie Kinkead

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Oakland, CA 94618

(510) 387-4497


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*I tell stories at swaps, fairs, bookstores, farms, benefits, fests, picnics, libraries, parks, museums, YMCA, celebrations, organizations, and schools:

*For ten years told folktales, legends, and myths at the Asia Art Museum in San Francisco in the Chinese, Japanese, Hindu, Southeast Asian, and Korea gallery, and for special events, Buddha, Balanese, Zodaic, Krishna, Ramayana, Wauang Puppets, Siam, Sundays, and a workshop on character in stories.

*Co-hosting story swaps for Storytells in Oakland and Tale Spinners in Orinda;
*Produced 'Spooky Tales' at Berkeley Botanical Gardens five years running;
*Told on Pat Kite's Garden Television Show 'The Peaceful Garden','Tree Stories', and 'Weather Stories';
+ At Tale Spinners told monthly the 'Saga of Tiger' from Korea, a history;
+ At Alameda Swap told 'Saga of Sita and Rama', Vishu's avatars, and Zodiac Stories;
+ Told Chinese 'Dragon's Importance; at Barns&Nobles for an after school program;
* At Oakland Family Camp told stories around the camp fire, did puppetry, and told daily 'VasaLisa, the Frog Princess', and a family night story event;
*On Stage at The Freight told 'How Music Came to Earth' plus art project;
*Auditioned for 'America's Got Talent'.

+++For the Bay Area Storytelling Festival, I did publicity for three years and took photos for 25th in 2010 - An excellent Storytelling Festival.

I like to say when telling at the Asia Art Museum in San Francisco, I earned my Doctorate in Storytelling (learning where stories came from); my Master (how to tell a story) I earned at the Dominican University in San Rafael, CA; my second Bachelor at SCBWI, the Society of Children's Writers and Illustrators, where I learned how to compose, write and illustrate the 'good' creative story. My Bachelors, I did earn at the University of Colorado at Boulder in teaching and art.

Story is my life from my early day years of fishing and haunting the gold museums in my Colorado, to the back woods travel in Alaska, and then nestling in the rich diversity of the Bay Area of California. And I know story through art, teaching, writing and verbally telling --' the most important to telling an excellent story. I LOVE STORY!

++Join me on Facebook, BobbieTales@twitter, and on my youtube Channel for BobbieTales. Please, do a google search for BobbieTales or Bobbie Kinkead to see where I am and what I'm doing.

I did write and publish 'Rhyonna's Fright', a story that took 35 years of telling and editing, now Rhyonna flies around the vast virtual web of magic.

Types of stories I tell:

My first love is fantasy and the whole gamut of folk tales, fairy tales, fables, myths, legends, all types and kinds of stories from all around our world, mixed with a few personal tales. The metaphors and analogies of stories is what intrigues and compels listening.

I tell stories for:

All Ages

I provide workshops:


I am willing to travel:


My travel requirements:

Where stories are wanted, I will travel. If possible a place to stay, or gas money, or plane fare, not required, and I do ask for a fee only of what you think is fair.

School Districts I am cleared to work in:

Once was a teacher in San Francisco and Oakland, so all of California. Once Alaska and Colorado so clear in those states.

I am willing to mentor:


Organizations I belong to:

SAC, Storytelling Association of California; NSN; Asian Art Museum Storytellers; Orinda TaleSpinners; Alameda Swap; SCBWI, Society of Childrens Book Writers and Illustrators; CWC, California Writers Club; and Oakland ProArts