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Archives of discussions since June 2009 can be accessed after you sign up for the list. Long-time list member Jackie Baldwin has been archiving citations, discussions and references on specified storytelling subjects, themes and motifs that have been posted on Storytell since 2000.

STORYTELL, sponsored by the National Storytelling Network is a forum for discussion about storytelling. All persons interested in storytelling are invited to participate: professional storytellers, amateur storytellers, people concerned with the rich history of storytelling, people who enjoy listening to stories, and those who speculate about the place of storytelling in the 21st century. The list promotes collaboration among those interested in storytelling, reflecting diverse viewpoints from around the world. The list is a place for discussion of issues and interaction on topics of concern to the storytelling community. It can serve as a source for information on conferences, workshops, and events or a place to ask (and answer) questions about derivations of stories, intellectual freedom concerns, or organization of storytelling events.

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