2012 Regional Spotlight Events

Parkhurst Brothers

We are thrilled to announce the following fantastic events as our 2012 NSN Regional Spotlight Events!  We also are pleased to thank our partner and major underwriter, Parkhurst Brothers, Inc., helping NSN make this possible.  We hope you will help us thank Parkhurst Brothers with your support. Make plans now to attend one or more of these terrific and diverse storytelling events in 2012.


Northeast Region

January 15-22 :  FUNDA FEST: A Celebration of Black Storytelling, various locations, RI

Organizers: Valerie Tutson, Rhode Island Black Storytellers



Southeast Region

February 17-18 : 30th Annual Southern Order of Storytellers Festival, Decatur, GA

Organizers: Southern Order of Storytellers - Ann Ritter, Linda Martin, Debbie Weston From, www.southernorderofstorytellers.org


South Central Region

April 20-21 : Fairfield Bay Story Fest 2012, Fairfield Bay, AR

Organizers: Stas’ Ziolkowski, City of Fairfield Bay



Pacific Region

April 21: Second Annual San Diego Storytelling Festival:  Voices at the Water’s Edge, San Diego, CA
Organizers Storytellers of San Diego (Marilyn Mcphie, Charles Johnson, Vicky Reed, Linda Whiteside, Jim Dieckmann)



North Central Region

May 4-5 : 25th Jackson Storyfest, Jackson, MI

Organizers: Sara Tackett & Storyfest BOD



Mid-Atlantic Region

August 11-12 : 12th Annual Three Rivers Storytelling Festival, Pittsburgh, PA

Organizers: Mary Morgan Smith & others, Northland Library



Western Region

October 13 : The Telling Epics Experience, Boulder, CO

Organizer: Pam Faro, partnership with local storytelling groups