J.J. Reneaux Emerging Artist Grant

Application Process


DEADLINE: Sept. 5, 2017


Application Documents:


How to Apply


Recommendations Guidelines

Past Recipients of the J.J. Reneaux Emerging Artist Award:



Carolina Quiroga-Stultz



Sally Perkins



Robin Bady


Kirk Waller


Regi Carpenter


Tim Ereneta


Alton Chung

The J. J. Reneaux Emerging Artist Grant awards $1,500 to a storyteller of major and unique performing talent who has not yet received wide public recognition.  Please note that this is not  primarily an achievement award: candidates must have a well-considered need and desire to improve their storytelling skills and must present a convincing plan for how they will use the grant funds for artistic development.


Criteria for recipients:


1. You should not yet have received  national public recognition (such as being featured at major festivals or theaters).


2. Your professional storytelling career should be at an early stage, though you should already show a distinctive voice and style.


3 . Your current performances  should  reflect  exceptional talent and potential for development.


4. You should have a clear awareness of how you need to improve your skills, and a plan for using the grant funds to accomplish this.


5. You should intend eventually to gain a significant part of your annual income from professional storytelling performance.


What the grant will and will not fund:

  • The grant may be used only to pay for activities that will advance your storytelling skills: for instance, workshops, specific courses of study, coaching or work with a director, mentoring by senior tellers, relevant conference attendance, and other forms of training.
  • Grants cannot be applied to research, marketing, promotional materials, recordings, props, costumes, etc.