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Preliminary Application


Preliminary proposal deadline:

April 28, 2017

Preliminary decision notification:

June 15, 2017

Invited Full application deadline:

August 25, 2017

Final funding decision for Brimstone Award:

November 3, 2017


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Brimstone Award
for Applied Storytelling

The National Storytelling Network seeks to support a community-focused project that focuses on the transformative properties of storytelling in individuals and communities.


Grant applications are considered once a year. Only applications that use the application form and are emailed by the deadline are accepted.

Please review our Grant Guidelines before applying.


NSN will award the winning project a grant of $5000, after carefully considering these questions:


What will have been transformed at the end of this project? What stories will have been told? 


What role will applied storytelling have played?  Who will have told these stories? where? to what purpose?


How will this project communicate to new audiences or in new ways about the possibilities of applied storytelling?


The Brimstone Award for Applied Storytelling is a member benefit.


Applicants who are not members of the National Storytelling Network must pay the current membership fee to join the National Storytelling Network before the application will be considered and continue to be members for the term of the funded project.


The Brimstone Award: Listing of Recipients


2015-16 Receipient

  • Regan Brooks - Story Works Alaska


2014-15 Recipients

  • Guneeta Singh Bhalla, The 1947 Partition Archive – Citizen Historian Program
  • Diane Mailey, Zen Hospice Project Storytelling Initiative


2013-14 Recipients

  • Trouble the Water: Building a Reservoir of Local Knowledge from Cultural Conversations on Hurricane Sandy, Traditions, Work and Resilience
  • Resonate: Storytelling for Women’s Leadership
  • Using storytelling to transform community: The Sudan and African American oral storytelling project


2012-13 Recipient

  • Coming Home/Listening to Our Troops


2011-12 Recipients

  • Sustaining Culture and Traditions Through Storytelling Project
  • Community Stories in a Changing Climate
  • Intergenerational Storytelling for Seniors and Ex-offenders
  • Storytelling and Social Change: Strategies for Grantmakers


2010-11 Recipients

  • Firewalkers: Madness and Beauty
  • Foolish and Wise Things We Have Seen or Done


2009-10 Recipients

  • Stories for Environmental Stewardship: A QLF and Middle East Program for Coexistence
  • From the Fire in the Belly: Stories of Redwood Coast Entrepreneurs
  • Quiet No More: Giving Voice to At-Risk Youth through Storytelling, Youth-to-Youth Mentoring and Service Learning
  • Using Improvised Storytelling to Strengthen Two Communities: Marginal Urban Youth and Patients with Life-Threatening Illness


2008-09 Recipients

  • Jerusalem Stories High School Pilot Program
  • Coming Home: A Life Force Project


2007-08 Recipients

  • Using Storytelling To Promote Gross National Happiness In The Royal Kingdom Of Bhutan
  • Telling Traditions: Stories And Poetry That Build Bridges Across The River Of Loss To The Places Of Acceptance
  • Sharing The Skies: Stories And Activities For Museum And Nature Center Educators
  • Community Voices Against Violence And Substance Abuse


2006-07 Recipient

  • Building Resilience Through Storytelling


2005-06 Recipients

  • Children At The Well: An Interfaith, Intergenerational Storytelling Venture
  • Using Storytelling As An Educational Tool
  • Environmental Storytelling For Schools And Nature Centers


2004-05 Recipients

  • Living Streams: Stories For Healthy Watersheds
  • A View From The Front Porch
  • When Children Save The Day®