National Storytelling Conference 2017


America is a country built on immigration and migration, both forced and voluntary. People relocate involuntarily via human hand or natural disaster; they move purposefully to find jobs, escape conflict, to be near family, and to improve their quality of life. In the U.S. and internationally, challenges continue to occur when immigration or migration stories collide with the stories of those previously established in a community.

Whether we are first, second, or tenth generation, how can we include everyone’s stories? What difficult stories need to be told? What stories can we share to maintain our individual traditions? What new stories can we formulate to further hope, peace, and a place for all? Through both personal and traditional stories, let’s listen to and learn from “All Our Voices” at the 2017 National Storytelling Conference.

Kansas City Marriott, Country Club Plaza

Kansas City, Missouri



The National Storytelling Conference brings together National Storytelling Network (NSN) members, as well as individuals and organizations from the community, who are interested in the art and application of storytelling. Members and non-members present material appealing to attendees’ variety of interests and developmental needs.