2014 National Storytelling Conference
Fringe Performances


The fringe is a conference tradition where names are drawn by lottery giving the opportunity to present 55 minutes.  The 2014 fringe performances are:  


Dorothy Anderson
Women Who Came To Arizona

If you think the Old West was all about cowboys, Indians and good-hearted whores, think again.  Dorothy tells three true stories about women who came to Arizona and what happened.

Categories:  Adult and for children over 10 years due to ability to follow plot complexity.  These three stories have been performed before young people.
Content warning: None


Noa Baum

Impossible to Translate But I’ll Try - True Life Israeli Stories

Growing up in Jerusalem is more than Bible and War.  Experience a completely different side of Israel with stories of childhood adventures, outrageous matchmaking and all the love in between.
Category:  Adult, solo
Content Warning: None


Ralph Edward Chadis (Not Your Typical Bard)

McGonagill, A love story

It should have been an innocent walking trip of Ireland.  But I was befriended by a sculptor, a tailor and his unique wife who entrusted me with their dangerous secret.
Category: Adult (12 and over), family, solo
Content warning: references to magical spirits


Jeff Gere

Haunted Hawaii: True Contemporary Supernatural Tales

Visit the dark side of Paradise. Jeff Gere, has collected TRUE “exceptional” EXPERIENCES for 30 years.  Living Rocks, Sharks in the Family, the Volcano Goddess Pele.  Come, but not alone!
Category: Not for young kids, solo, storytelling, emotionally compelling
Content Warning:  none


Ann Harding and Cassie Cushing

The Wily, the Kind and the Bittersweet

Winter tales for a midsummer’s eve. Escape the desert heat to the land of once upon a time that goes beyond happily ever after.

Category: Adult/young adult, ensemble
Content warning: none


Elizabeth Matson

The Dog-Skinned Boy and Others: Faery Tales for Grown-Ups

Explore the terrain of inner and outer transformation with shapechangers, skinshifters, tricksters, and the dog-skinned boy who was my son.
Category: Teen to Adult. Solo
Content Warning: none


Jaye McLaughlin and Fred Peters

The Intrepid Adventurers:  “Catch 'Em Alive” and the Boys

A piece of Texas history beginning 1890 with amazing cowboy, John R. Abernathy, continuing with his 2 determined boys who track across country.  This tale involves Teddy Roosevelt, dangers and celebrations.
Category:  Adult, Family  (of interest to all ages)
Content warning: None


Rachel Nelson

The Urban Hermit

A coming-of-age musical tale about connecting through music.  “Nelson blooms as a street busker.”  Duluth Reader  “Master storyteller” – Duluth News Tribune  “Nelson is a folk original.” – Lavender Magazine

Category:  Adult/ teen.  Solo
Content warning: none


Leticia Pizzino

Trails, Tales, and Tunes

Enjoy lively tales and toe-tappin’ tunes of the Wild West! Leticia shares stories and songs of outlaws and lawmen, settlers and camels, and even a legendary prank.

Category family, solo 
Content warning: none


Judy Sima

My Mother’s Voice

Confronting the Gestapo, Kristallnacht, escaping Germany, a new life in America and a lost turkey…my mother was not your average housewife.
Categories:  Adult, solo
Content warning: none


Ruth Stotter

A Ticket to the Moon: Poems, songs, legends and myths exploring the mystical moon

Throughout many cultures the moon continues to fascinate and bewitch from childhood fantasy to romantic associations.  This program is designed to present an affectionate look at the moon.

Category:  Solo with audience participation.
Content Warning: The closing is a tad risqué.  (menstruation myth)


Dan Yashinsky

The Storyteller At Fault

A contemporary Scheherazade tale, as a storyteller facing certain death tells his last story, which contains another story, and another.

Category:  Adult, solo
Content Warning: none