Fringe Performances

2016 National Storytelling Conference’s 12 fringe shows were selected by lottery, from 69 entries representing 31 states, live at Kansas City’s Mid-Continent Public Library-Woodneath Tellabration!™.  Don’t miss these performances on July 21, 22, 23 at the Marriott Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, MO.  


"It Ate My Sister and Other Family Stories"

Mark Binder, Providence, RI

Giant slugs, exploding turkeys and rocket propelled grenades at Checkpoint Charlie? You think you have problems?  Mark Binder has experienced them all and lives to tell the tales.  Insanely fun.

Category: Family, solo (with a very little bit of dance)
Content Warnings: None


"Facing the Dark: The Devil in the Green Coat and the Berserker’s Daughter"

Cooper Braun, Lafayette, CO

A soldier returned from Vietnam and shook the Devil’s hand.
Sigunnr was twelve when her father took her into his bed. 
Two stories of overcoming the darkness and finding love.

Category: Adult, solo
Content Warnings: Adult Content


"Transactors: A Gender Journey”

Sean Buvala, Tolleson, AZ

A father’s emotional journey of the transgender evolution of his young-adult child, told through world-tales, personal storytelling and pictures.  This is a personal crafting, not a dogmatic discussion.

Category: Adult, solo
Content Warnings: Adult language


"A Different Type of Magic: The Unfolding Story of Harry Houdini"

Kevin D. Cordi, Columbus, OH

Harry Houdini was known for his magic.  However, his story is more compelling than his tricks.  Experience his complicated story including the mystical, improbable, complicated and inviting

Category: Family, solo, Some Improvisation, researched work – multi-narrative
Content Warnings: None


"A Thousand Nights and One: Tales from the Arabian Nights"

Jane Ogburn Dorfman, Bethesda, MD

Two stories of trickery, of loves lost and found, and lost again, with a little cross dressing thrown in.

Category: Adult, solo
Content Warnings: Adult content (somewhat)


"Barry Manilow is in my Closet"

Debbie From & Tracy Sue Walker, Cleveland, GA/Cumming, GA

Sex, marriage, death, and taxes – we’ve been through it all – and so has Barry Manilow.  On the roller coaster of life – music and passion are always the fashion.
Category: Adult, tandem
Content Warnings: Adult language and subject matter


"A Sleep and a Forgetting"

Wendy Gourley, Highland, UT

What happens when we lose our origin story? How do we navigate our way home?
A Sleep and a Forgetting is a journey to reclaim a place to stand.

Category: Adult, solo, music
Content Warnings: None


"Strange-but-true Civil War Stories"

Mike Lockett, Normal, IL

Experience a different look at the American Civil War – or War of Northern Aggression Between the States.  Hear stories of famous personalities, places and events through unusual stories that really happened.

Category: General
Content Warnings: None


"Ghosts in the Afternoon"

Nancy Lenhart Matthews, Bartlesville, OK

Three true stories; one is her personal experience.  Two others are ones she wrote with bits and pieces of truth in them.

Category: Family, solo
Content Warnings: None


"Kafka: Metamorphosis"

Margaret Meyers, Little Canada, MN

What if you awoke one morning to find that everything had changed, that in the night you had become something frightening, even disgusting?  It happened to Gregor Samsa.

Category: General
Content Warnings: None


"My Old Man: True Tales from My Dad's Life"

Julie Moss, Salida, CO

By 1917 standards Dad’s parents were old when he was born – 40 in fact.  Happily ever after wasn’t even close.  Not even “normal” ever after would describe his life. 

Category: Family, solo
Content Warnings: None


"What RedArrow Learned from His Grandparents"

Loren R. Russell, Glendale, AZ

A nine-year-old RedArrow, who has been raised in the city, visited his Grandmother on the Indian Reservation.  He learns from his Grandmother stories about his culture.

Category: Family, solo
Content Warnings: None