2017 ConferenceFringe Performances

Congratulations to the following twelve selected to perform 55 minutes of their work for the 2017 National Storytelling Conference!  In keeping with the Fringe model, a Fringe Lottery took place November 19, 2016 LIVE at the River and Prairie Storyweavers’ (RAPS) Tellabration!™ in Lee’s Summit, MO.  (Performances subject to change: Alternates are drawn via lottery also.)
You won’t want to miss this exciting part of the 2017 National Storytelling Conference, Country Club Plaza Marriott in Kansas City, MO, so make your plans now to BE THERE – June 29-July 2, 2017 in Kansas City, MO.  


Robin Bady – Brooklyn, NY
Nancy Drewinsky and the Search for the Missing Letter

Every family has its secrets, and its boogie men. Robin’s childhood night terrors were caused by J.Edgar Hoover and involved a mysterious letter that just might unlock the past.

Category: Adult, solo
Content Warning:  Politics


Linda Batlin – Boulder, CO
Homesteading the West: The Tale of Lavinia Morgan Anderson

A woman’s view of growing up in a soddie in Kansas, emigrating to Colorado to raise her family and face the challenges and triumphs of ranch life in the 1880s.

Category: Suitable for Family or Adult, Solo.
Content Warning: None


Norm Brecke – Portland, OR
The Lighter Side of Lincoln

Storyteller Norm Brecke presents stories and anecdotes told by or about Abraham Lincoln. Brecke also performs songs Lincoln enjoyed. You'll agree, Abe was not only honest- he was funny too!

Category: Adult, solo, improvisational, music
Content warning: None


Ada Cheng - Chicago, IL
Not Quite: Asian American by Law, Asian Woman by Desire

I will use storytelling, stand up, monologues, solo sketch, and character work, to explore my journey as an immigrant woman from East Asia. Stories center around intersectionality of race, immigration, culture, and sexuality.
Category: Solo
Content Warning: Language, Adult Subject Matter


Diane Cox & Dianna Waite – Omaha, NE & Salina KS
Steel Beneath Velvet Gloves

From rebellion to loves lost and found, how the women of our past have shaped our history; our present; our future. Six stories of strong women facing an uncompromising world.

Category: Duo, Family, Historical
Content Warning: None


Tim Ereneta - Berkeley, CA
Happy Endings are Overrated: The Life and Times of Prince Charming
Cinderella knew him. So did Sleeping Beauty. Snow White? Yep. Rapunzel? Her, too. Finally, after twelve centuries of romance, this serial monogamist gets a chance to tell his story.
Category: Solo
Content Warning: None


Denis Gessing – Castle Rock, CO
JUST PASSING THROUGH  - How it all looked to one confused, day dreaming, boomer boy

Original Stories from the Chit-Chat Cafe. Out there on the edge of reality where would be, could be, should be collide at the intersection of what is.

Category: Solo, Family
Content Warning: None


Yvonne Healy – Howell, MI
irish AND American

A naturalized citizen tells stories Idr dha d’Tir – “between the two worlds”—bridging old-world and new-world with dark humor and an Irish perspective. Enjoy tales traditional, true, and not-so-much.

Category: Adult, solo
Content Warning: adult subject matter, complex issues


Maureen Korte – Urbandale, IA

A characterized performance based on the stories women told during year I spent teaching creative writing and storytelling at the Women’s State Prison in Mitchellville Iowa.

Category: Adult, solo
Content Warning: Some sexually explicit language, All adult subject matter, Some violence description.


Sandra Measels – Morton, MS
She Called Him Mister, But She Didn't Mean It

Her husband was Mr.Tom, her daughter was Miss Jackson, but who was Annie? Strong-willed. Ambitious. Lover of books and beauty. The story of a life in bits and pieces.
Category: Solo
Content Warning: Suitable for families


Anne Rutherford - Portland, OR
Lies, Lies — & More Lies!
Award-winning liar Anne Rutherford bends the truth in a hilarious set of original tall tales that won her 1st place in five Pacific Northwest Liar’s Contests. (No lie.)
Category: Adult, Family, Solo
Content Warning: None


Pippa White – Lincoln, NE
Voices from Ellis Island

From 1892 to 1930, Ellis Island was the first experience of life in America for millions of immigrants.  Their stories are amusing, frightening, inspiring and true.
Category: family, solo, history
Content Warning: None